Minivans vs the new Ford SUV lineup of Morris, IL

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The journey and the destination are much more enjoyable when you can bring all your family, friends, and gear with you, so naturally you may be considering an economical SUV or an affordable minivan for your next vehicle. You’ve come to the right place for an SUV vs. minivan comparison!


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Minivans vs. SUVs: Cargo Space


The obvious advantage found during a minivan cargo space comparison is the unparalleled space for your bags, luggage, and equipment, right? You might be surprised at how adept SUVs are at providing efficient storage solutions to give you the cargo volume that you need. Thanks to the flexibility of sporty SUVs, minivans have become somewhat of a one-trick pony on the road.


For example, the 2017 Ford Expedition offers 108.3 cu. ft. of cargo capacity, not to mention 160.3 cu. ft. of passenger volume so everyone inside can get comfortable. Many popular minivans on the market, like the Toyota Sienna, Chrysler Pacifica, and Honda Odyssey seat seven or eight people depending on the trim level, and the Expedition goes above and beyond to seat up to eight occupants.


Minivans vs. SUVs: Reliability & Performance


If you’re looking for a commanding and adventurous performance on your daily drive, you’ll enjoy the athletic options that only an SUV will present to you. Read on to compare the power, towing capacity, and torque of Ford SUVs against a popular minivan. When you factor in the EcoBoost® performance technology available on Ford SUVs, it’s easy to see that drivers who want a range of performance options will thrive behind the wheel of a sport utility vehicle.


Model 2017 FordExplorer 2017 Ford Expedition 2017 Chrysler Pacifica
Base Engine 3.5L V6 3.5L EcoBoost® V6 with Ti-VCT 3.6L V6
Horsepower 290 HP @ 6,500 RPM 365 HP @ 5,000 RPM 287 HP @ 6,400 RPM
Torque 255 lb.-ft. @ 4,000 RPM 420 lb.-ft. @ 2,250 RPM 262 lb.-ft. @ 4,000 RPM
Towing Capacity 5,000 lbs. 6,600 lbs. (conventional); 9,200 lbs. (Heavy –Duty Trailer Towing package) 3,600 lbs.


Minivans vs. SUVs: Drive in Style


Driving a minivan gives off a family-focused vibe, thanks to the conventional design elements and large body. However, it’s entirely possible to put your family and friends first and still drive a sleek, energetic, and capable SUV that’s sure to add a dash of vigor back into every excursion. Plus, you can better customize your SUV with Ford accessories that add to the rugged good looks and mighty overall performance.


Minivans vs. SUVs: Safety


Active & Passive Safety


Keep your eye out for safety technology that prevents collisions before they occur. Safety systems fall into two categories: active and passive. Active safety systems work while you’re driving, but passive safety systems work in the event of a collision as your last line of defense.


Active safety systems available include:


  • BLIS® with Cross-Traffic Alert uses radar to detect vehicles in your blind spot, and alerts you.
  • Lane-Keeping System alerts the driver if they begin to drift from their lane.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control adjusts the steering ratio as your vehicle changes speeds.
  • Forward Collision Warning with Brake Support detects if you’re approaching a vehicle too quickly and automatically applies the brakes if you don’t react in time.


Passive safety features available include:


  • Safety Canopy® system acts as a protective cushion between the passenger and the side of the vehicle.
  • SOS Post-Crash Alert System automatically unlocks doors, flashes the hazard lights, and sounds the horn to make escape or rescue easier and alert passersby.


Safety Ratings


Another great way to determine whether a minivan or SUV is safe enough for your needs is to check safety ratings provided by the IIHS and NHTSA. Both organizations perform independent crash tests to assess how well a vehicle protects its passengers. Together, they have set the industry’s standards to determine how safe a model is.


Size & Weight


Depending on the situation, the heavier an SUV or minivan is could make it the safer or least safe choice. Heavier vehicles need more stopping distance, which means sudden braking might not prevent a collision depending on how close you were to the vehicle in front of you. However, if a heavier vehicle is involved in a collision, the lighter vehicle takes the brunt of the impact, making it the least safe of the two. It simply depends on the situation.

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