What is Ford EcoBoost®?

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Are you looking for vehicles with great fuel efficiency in the Ford lineup? Look no further than a Ford car, truck, or SUV equipped with an EcoBoost® engine! The EcoBoost® is a powerful turbocharged engine that uses direct gasoline infusion to ensure an efficient daily drive. Continue reading to learn more about the EcoBoost® engine.

How does it Work?

Combining variable valve timing, direct fuel injection, and turbocharging, the Ford EcoBoost® engine ensures power and efficiency beneath the hood of your Ford vehicle. Turbochargers use exhaust gasses that would normally be wasted to force compressed air into the combustion chamber. Turbocharging generates a surge of power and delivers increasing output per liter without sacrificing efficiency.

Advantages of the Ford EcoBoost®

Besides the advantage of the Ford EcoBoost® engine providing great power and fuel efficiency, the affordability of owning this engine is within reach. The EcoBoost® engine is available for any budget with Ford EcoBoost® sedans starting at $19,245 MSRP, hatchbacks starting at $25,170 MSRP, SUVs starting at $25,700 MSRP, and trucks starting at $41,015 MSRP.

Available Ford EcoBoost® Models

Nearly every Ford car, truck, and SUV model is available with an EcoBoost® engine. Top models using the Ford EcoBoost® engine include:

Ford Ecoboost in Morris, IL

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Do you feel compelled to experience the Ford EcoBoost® engine in person? At Greenway Ford in Morris, IL, we've got every available model with the Ford EcoBoost® engine. All you have to do is find the model you love in our vehicle inventory and schedule a test drive. If you have any questions about the Ford EcoBoost®, don't hesitate to contact us online or give us a call at (815) 942-3400.