So you're planning to buy a car. Whether your first vehicle or simply your latest, a commuter sedan or family SUV, one of the biggest decisions you'll have to make is deciding between buying new or used. Our detailed purchasing guide will go over the arguments for each, and help you determine whether buying new or used has the benefits most important to you.
Pros & Cons to Buying New
New vehicles are more expensive, and are subject to depreciation from the moment you drive them off the lot. However, unlike pre-owned vehicles, new models are eligible for financing and lease incentives to help reduce the cost. Incentives can range from cash back to special low payment plans.
The biggest draw to purchasing a new car is the quality. In addition to that unique new car smell we all love, new cars are clean, shiny, and flawless in a way that is inherently attractive. You'll have access to the latest new comfort features and technology, and the prestige that comes with all that.  
Finally, a new car naturally has a longer lifespan, and come with a warranty that covers unexpected mechanical failure.

Pros & Cons to Buying Pre-Owned
Pre-owned vehicles can cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars less than new models, and the greatest hit for depreciation is already past. You'll probably also pay less in insurance, depending on the model.

Low prices also mean you can afford models that might be outside your budget if they were purchased new, including luxury models.
That being said, price drops in proportion with condition. Pre-owned cars may be a great value but, to varying degrees depending on age, mileage, and the previous owner's driving habits, they are also closer to the end of their lifespan. They will need more care and money to keep running and drivers will be expected to cover auto maintenance and repair out of pocket.

Finance or Lease a New or Pre-Owned Vehicle
Our Ford dealership in Morris, IL has over a hundred new and pre-owned vehicles for shoppers to choose from. With that many choices, we know that there is something in our inventory that suits not only your budget, but your wants as well. 

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